Mercedes-Benz Dashboard Lights And Symbols Explained

You may be asking, "Why have my Mercedes-Benz dashboard lights suddenly lit up?" Mercedes-Benz dashboard warning lights are relatively straightforward once you get to know them. Typically giving you an at-a-glance indication of issues with your vehicles, this guide explains what those confusing Mercedes-Benz dashboard symbols are trying to tell you:

Check Engine Light

This light indicates there may be a malfunction within one of several systems, including the engine management system, fuel system, fuel injection system, exhaust system, or ignition system. Additionally, this light may also indicate that emission values have exceeded normal levels and that the engine may be entering emergency mode.

Airbag Light

A malfunction in the Supplemental Restraint System has occurred. If an accident were to happen, the airbag may not deploy. Safety should be prioritized, and we recommend bringing your vehicle to an authorized Mercedes-Benz service center immediately.

Tire Pressure Light

One or more of your vehicle's tires have either dropped in or have insufficient pressure. Low pressure in your tires can cause excessive tread wear and can result in a blowout. Check the pressure on all your tires and refill as necessary.

Coolant Light

Either the temperature gauge in your car is faulty, or the level of coolant has dropped past a sufficient level. If the temperature indicated for your coolant exceeds 248 degrees Fahrenheit (120 degrees Celsius), pull over immediately and do not drive the vehicle. Driving with an engine this hot can cause irreparable damage.

Brake Light

Your parking brake is currently engaged. Lower the parking brake before driving to avoid damaging the system.

ABS Light

Your vehicle's anti-lock brake system has malfunctioned and subsequently deactivated. Electronic Stability Program, Brake Assist, electronic brake force distribution and hill start have all been deactivated as well. Your brakes will still work, but without the safety provided by these deactivated systems.

Gas Light

Either your fuel level is low, or the fuel system's pressure is insufficient. A loose fuel filler cap or a leaking fuel system can also trigger this light.

ESC or ESP Light

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) or Electronic Stability Program (ESP) has been deactivated. Your ESC or ESP system will not stabilize the vehicle if a skid or wheel spin occurs. If you see this icon inside a yellow triangle, then ESC or ESP has detected a risk of skidding or that a wheel has spun, and subsequently intervened.

Traction Off Light

Your vehicle's ESC or ESP system has been deactivated. Some vehicles have an on/off button to manually deactivate these systems.

Battery Light

Your vehicle's battery is not being charged. A faulty alternator, damaged poly-V-belt, or malfunction within the vehicle's electronics can cause this. Bring your vehicle to an authorized Mercedes-Benz service center for a diagnostic test, and any service required.

Brake Wear Light

Your vehicle's brake pads and/or rotors have reached their wear limit, and require a replacement. Have an authorized Mercedes-Benz service center inspect the brake system and replace any worn elements.

Seat Belt Indicator

One or more front seat occupants do not have their seat belts fastened. This light is intended to remind you to do so. An audible warning will also sound when driving above 15 mph without your seat belt fastened.

Steering Wheel Light

There is a malfunction within your power steering assistance system, at which point a warning tone will also accompany this light. Your vehicle's steering will require more force to operate, which can make driving difficult and/or unsafe. Bring your vehicle to an authorized Mercedes-Benz service center for diagnosis and necessary repairs.

Bulb Light

One or more light bulbs in your vehicle have failed. This can result in limited visibility of the road ahead, and other driver's view of your vehicle. A message may also accompany this light indicating which light has failed.


Attention Assist Light

Mercedes-Benz vehicles equipped with this innovative feature continuously monitor a variety of driver behaviors. If signs of drowsiness are detected, your vehicle will alert you with this light and a warning tone.

Glow Plug Light

For diesel engines, cylinder heat is required to operate, glow plugs provide this heat when the engine is cold. When turning on your vehicle's ignition, this light will appear until the glow plugs are heated enough to start the engine.


DEF/AdBlue Light

Your vehicle's level of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is low. DEF is essential to your emissions system. It starts a catalytic reaction to remove harmful particles from your vehicle's exhaust.

Now that you've seen the Mercedes-Benz dashboard warning lights explained, identify which one is lit up, and bring your Mercedes-Benz vehicle to an authorized service center to have the issue taken care of. Your Mercedes-Benz lights on the dashboard should not be ignored when lit up. You drive a precision-crafted machine, and you want to keep it running as such for years to come.


What does the “A” in a circle mean in a Mercedes-Benz?

If it's a circle with "ABS,” then as mentioned in the Mercedes-Benz dashboard lights guide, it's a fault with your ABS. Otherwise, on certain Mercedes-Benz vehicles, this refers to the ECO Start/Stop function. Under the ignition button, an arrow will surround an "A" in a clockwise circle, press this button to turn on or off the function.

How do I turn off the Mercedes-Benz warning light?

Your Mercedes-Benz dashboard lights are trying to tell you that something is wrong. The ideal way to turn them off is to have an authorized service center diagnose and repair the issue. Some like the ESC or ESP warning light can be a simple fix — simply press and hold the ESC/ESP off switch, as you may have accidentally hit it earlier and triggered the light.

Will the Mercedes-Benz Check Engine Light reset itself?

Mercedes-Benz dash lights like the check engine light should not be ignored, and your vehicle should be brought to an authorized service center for diagnosis and repair. If the issue causing the light has been resolved, the light will reset itself. Though, some issues that trigger it — like a loose gas cap — can be easily remedied by yourself.

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