How to Charge Your Electric Vehicle From Mercedes-EQ

The Ultimate How-To for Charging the EQS
A shiny black Mercedes-EQ EQS electric vehicle speeds along the highway with a city skyline at sunset in the background.

There's no getting around it: the future of cars is electric. Daimler, the makers of Mercedes-Benz, saw the writing on the wall and announced in July 2021 that the company hopes to be mostly, if not fully, electric by the end of the decade.

By 2025 there will be zero funds allotted to combustion engines.  Beginning in 2022, Daimler will invest $47 BILLION in its mission, including eight new battery plants and new all-electric vehicle platforms. 

Mercedes is rising to meet this aggressive schedule, with three new vehicles slated to arrive this year in the initial Mercedes-EQ EV lineup: the EQS, the EQB SUV, and the EQE Sedan.

So, while there is no word on how long traditional combustion-engine vehicles will continue to be sold, the fact remains: eventually, car buyers who want a new Mercedes will have to buy electric. 

With gas at a premium, more drivers than ever are contemplating the switch to electric. The thought can be intimidating: new tech is always divisive, and many say they just don't feel comfortable driving an EV (electric vehicle). Chief among the concerns is: How the heck do you charge it?

Powering Your Mercedes-EQ Electric Vehicle

A lot of people have never driven a hybrid, let alone an all-electric car, and are understandably nervous to make the leap. Mercedes is aware of the concerns, particularly when it comes to powering your car.

Charging encompasses drivability, ease of use, and longevity, all of which are top priorities for consumers and Mercedes alike. The company is pulling out all the stops in an effort to make the transition to driving electric cars as smooth as possible.

EQS charging port

The charging plug on a Mercedes EQS Sedan. Image courtesy of Mercedes-Benz USA.

How Do I Charge My Mercedes-EQ EV at Home?

Charging at home is as simple as plugging your vehicle into a designated outlet in your garage. A standard wall outlet can be used, but charging time will be much longer than with the recommended charger. 

What Charger Does Mercedes-EQ use?

Mercedes recommends installing a Level 2 (L2) charger in your garage. A Level 2 charger will charge an EV much faster than a regular wall outlet. They suggest using the ChargePoint Home Flex and they recommend Qmerit for installation.

The ChargePoint HomeFlex wall unit installed for at-home charging. Image courtesy of Mercedes-Benz USA.

How Long Does It Take To Fully Charge a Mercedes EV?

Charging time will vary depending on the type of charger used as well as the vehicle itself, but as an example, Mercedes-Benz USA states that the EQS can go from 10% to 80% in about 31 minutes when using a DC fast charging unit.

In most cases overnight charging at home is more than enough to power your car through typical daytime driving, and many choose to "top up" their vehicles at work using charging stations. 

Can You Use Other EV Chargers to Power Your Mercedes EV?

Drivers who already own electric vehicles will be happy to know that many plugs will be compatible with Mercedes EVs. For example, Tesla launched a non-proprietary wall charger designed to be compatible with non-Tesla EVs.

Its J1772 Gen 2 Wall Connector will work with Tesla when using an adapter, so a Mercedes EV and a Tesla could be charged using the same wall unit. 

While a Level 2 at-home or at-work charger typically uses AC current, commercial charging stations use DC to enable a faster charge. Mercedes EVs are compatible with both, and charging stations will automatically charge at only the maximum wattage your car can handle.

Where Can I Find Charging Stations For My Mercedes EV?

A typical day's driving can be accomplished on a single charge, with room to spare, but some might hesitate to take their EV out for longer trips. In an effort to assuage worries about driving longevity, Mercedes provides excellent on-the-road support for electric vehicles. 

Mercedes me Charge is the official charging network of Mercedes, with over 60,000 charging stations (including over 2,600 DC fast chargers) available in the United States.

A driver connects their electric vehicle plug to a charging station.

A driver "fills up" at a roadside charging station. Image courtesy of Electrify America.

Charging stations are clearly marked on the Mercedes MBUX navigation system and drivers can even locate a station and pay ahead using the specially designed Mercedes me Connect App. The MBUX will alert drivers well in advance of a fully-drained battery, and most charging stations will be compatible with multiple plug types.

To further encourage consumers to drive electric, Mercedes has also partnered with Electrify America to provide two years of free 30-minute charges at any of their designated charging stations. Their website can help you plan a road trip and plot out charging points ahead of time. 

Ready To Go Electric?

If you're ready to make the switch to an electric vehicle, Ed Hicks Imports has the brand-new EQS 450+ from Mercedes-EQ in stock for you to test drive. The experts there will be happy to show you all the ins and outs of driving electric. They can show you how and where to power your new electric vehicle, and even set up an at-home charger installation for you.